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Water Wastage

ये बूँदे जो बहती हैं
धरती माँ की आँखो में रहती हैं,
हमसे कुछ कहती हैं।
कि नीर गर तुम्हारी आँखो का होते,
तो फ़ेली हर बूँद को तुम सोख लेते,
हमें बहने से शायद तुम रोक लेते ॥ -Pi-lo

pilo waste water , pilo shudh pani seva foundation

We never know the worth of something until its gone forever. Lucky for us it’s not too late to save water. Just 33% of what the world spends on bottled water every year would pay to provide clean water for the 780 million without it (dosomething.org). To stop water wastage, what we first need to do is to rise above the illusion we have an unlimited supply of water. Just because we can’t see water shortage around us, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

According to an article in Times of India (2016), over 124 million litres of water is wasted daily. Let’s close the tap a little early, let’s create awareness that water shortage is not a myth! Let’s be the change we want around us, let’s make it our vision to make this society water-abundant, at least for drinking purpose.