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Free Water Service At ASI Monuments

Drinking Water At ASI

National heritage sites are the pure embodiment of our culture and the manifestation of our diversity and integrity. Every year these sites are visited by proliferating tourists. It made us ruminate-

Are we doing enough for the visitors?

It is very natural for people to look for affordable safe water while traveling in such places. All we got to offer them is a ₹20 bottle of 1-liter water or tap water with a board intact reading “Drinking Water”

These drinking water solutions don’t go well either in economic terms or in the terms of quality. In a metropolitan area, availability of drinking water is not an issue. Availability of safe and pure R.O. drinking water with ensured quality in affordable price or for free is the issue.

This led to the rendezvousing the idea of serving our safe drinking R.O. water at ASI monuments for free. Pi-Lo got the ASI permit in the year 2017, ever since then, we’re trying our best to serve water for free in the majority of sectors.

Our machine has the best-in-class monitoring system, people can actually see the quality and temperature of water on our led display, hence ensuring the quality. Our technology is integrated with inbuilt R.O. filter and also detects the presence of anything toxic in the machine. Thereafter the detection of any such toxic presence the machines shuts itself out just like that.

Furthermore, our units have installed high-quality cameras as well. Need we say more about our safety in any way?
Our motto is clear in every way-

Jal Seva, Jan Seva!

Why Clean Water ?



Diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence including war



Money saved that usually gets spent on diseases because of consuming dirty water can now be utilised for education to empower our children.


Elevation from Povert

People who are already below the poverty line have to chance to fight their plight without being plagued by disease



Clean Water also empowers, the assurance of clean water means more to people who are affected.

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