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Water Pollution

Water Pollution

A report published on the website of Central Pollution Control Board claimed that only 13.5 % of the sewage in India is treated. This clearly indicates that more than 80% of the sewage is left untreated. It is one of the main causes of pollution of all the rivers and lakes that contributes to the major share in the contamination of fresh water of our country. Another CPCB assessment this year found that the number of polluted rivers in the country has doubled since 2009 from 127 to 275 with 302 polluted rivers stretches in all.

The board observed that 650 cities along these polluted river stretch generated 62,000 million liters of sewage every day while their capacity to treat the sewage was about 38,000 million liters daily. It is estimated that approximately 66 million Indians use water containing excess fluoride and another 10 million have excess arsenic in their groundwater (WWI, 2018).


The contamination and impurity has taken over the oceans as well. Even these humongous water bodies are fouled with plastic. According to earthday.org, 8 Million Metric Tons of plastic winds up in our oceans each year and there’s easily more microplastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way.

These statistics shows the mayhem we ignore every day. Rome is not built in a day, so let’s pledge to do our bit here! Let’s promise not to litter any water source on our part.

बिना जल के होय नहीं, कोई-सा भी काम।
इसे साफ रखने हेतु, उपाय करें तमाम।।
अगर मिले नहीं जल तो, जीवन है बेकार।
इसको बचाने के लिये, रहें आप तैयार ।।
-Ramesh Manohara