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Drinking Water

Potable water is always a concern as it is a necessary commodity contributing towards public health. Improved water supply and sanitation, along with better management of water resources, have the potential to boost our country’s economic growth and may also stealthily contribute towards poverty reduction. Water contamination and wastage is a common issue everywhere. According to the current scenario, the conventional RO system is largely responsible for wastage followed by various other factors.

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PILO Smart Water ATM


Walking the extra mile to provide safe drinking water to all, our team devoted days and nights to come up with the sustainable, eco-friendly and highly efficient idea of smart water dispensers. With Pi-Lo, pure and safe drinking water is served free at all the ASI sites, hospitals and temples. At DMRC, the water is available at a very nominal price.

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According to a report published on the website of Central Pollution Control Board, only 13.5% of the sewage in India is treated. This clearly indicates that more than 80% of the sewage is left untreated. It is one of the main causes of pollution of all the rivers and lakes. Another CPCB assessment this year found that the number of polluted rivers in the country has doubled since 2009, i.e. from 127 to 275.

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Sewage Treatment Plant


ये बूँदे जो बहती हैं
धरती माँ की आँखो में रहती हैं,
हमसे कुछ कहती हैं।
कि नीर गर तुम्हारी आँखो का होते,
तो फ़ेली हर बूँद को तुम सोख लेते,
हमें बहने से शायद तुम रोक लेते ॥

We never know the worth of something until it is gone forever. Lucky for us, it’s not too late to save water.

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