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On 22 March, The world celebrates the most precious gift of nature to us, “water” and calls it World water day. The word precious itself means something of great value, not to be wasted or treated carelessly, but looking at the present scenario of water, it needs to be preserved and understood more than to be celebrated.

In a country where among 210 Million lack access to improved sanitation and 163 Million are prone to water-borne diseases also where 58% of the population earns less than Rs.200/- cannot really afford to pay Rs.20/- per liter of water which may or may not be completely pure and will  also add its part in plastic waste.

So, Half a month later to world water day’2015 that is on 8th  April 2015,  Mr. Jatin Kumar and Mr. Dinesh Goyal came together and formed ”Pi-Lo Shudh Pani Seva Foundation”   which further came up with a sustainably smart solution i.e. Pi-Lo Smart water services.


Pi-Lo became the first mover of smart water ATM’s in Delhi-NCR. The machine took no time in getting approved by Ministry of Drinking water and Sanitation as it is based on reverse osmosis and ultraviolet purification and ensures 95% plus recovery of water and less the 5% waste is generated which is comparatively a higher percentage of purification as compared to domestic R.O. systems. These water ATMs make the most essential element to health-safe, pure and available to all for almost free of cost. The foundation also contributes its part in preserving Mother Nature in many ways i.e. by using recyclable paper glass (or consumer’s own container) and thus reducing plastic pollution by eradicating plastic bottles, from lifestyle as well as surroundings, creating awareness related to water problems (such as water-borne diseases, water pollution, water preservation etc.) on various online and offline platforms, etc.

Our purpose is to make safe and pure water available to all. So, to verify the results on practical grounds for DMRC and other locations, a project was started on 30th June 2015 and continued till 17th January 2016 for a duration of six months at Botanical Garden metro station. There were no bounds of our happiness when we were able to serve 59012 liters of water and were able to curb approximately 236051 no. of plastic bottles.

Impressed with our efficiency not only DMRC but also Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, etc. collaborated with us, Pi-Lo also got the approval of ASI monuments to install their smart water ATM’s and serve the public. Starting at 1 we are a family of 1075 machines (75 installed, 1000 approved and under process).

Our goal doesn’t limit itself to serve water but also to create awareness related to water and the pollution plastic bottles serving it creates. The government and the public go hand in hand to bring the change. Pi-Lo supports Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Swasth Bharat Abhiyan, Skill India, Digital India and Make in India and to keep the ball of awareness rolling Pi-Lo keeps organizing online and offline activities on both small and large scales. On 5th June 2016 i.e. World environment day Pi-Lo organized a large scale interaction event with public and destroyed a “devil figure” made of plastic bottles as a sign of destroying the villain of 21st century i.e. Plastic, which remains even after 200 years of disposal. Since then Pi-Lo has been creating awareness on social media through every platform by spreading facts, data, and solutions related to water problems. It has been organizing small-scale events such as Nukkad Natak, Poetry, etc. performances themed on water and its problems. Promoting both solutions and culture and also motivating and guiding the youth to solve the real of problems of the world.