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Our Vision

Our country lacks a single city that provides clean drinking water, 24/7 to its every resident (Biswas et al, 2017). We want to change that “none” to “every city in this country”.

We are constantly in motion to make a difference that matters. Our vision is not to rest until everyone on this planet is water-sufficient. We genuinely believe that serving this nature and people is the biggest privilege anyone can ask for. Our effort is in the direction to pave a path for a sustainable life for all, a life that cares for humanity, irrespective of anyone’s social status.


Access to safe water brings economic prosperity and improved health, every human being deserves to define their life and water makes it possible. Pi-Lo has touched approximately 21 million of lives, till now and we’re looking to expand our reach. Our machine supports UV purification and ensures 95% of water recovery. This boldly suggests we support two factors-

  1. Importance of clean and safe drinking water.
  2. Our firm belief in not wasting the water.

So, while the world thrives for luxuries, we want to be there for people devoid of amenities, because we believe, if we look beyond solutions problems that hold catalysts of change which we can bring, ALL TOGETHER.