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About Us


Each year, on 22nd March, the world comes together to celebrate the most precious gift nature has blessed mankind with - WATER. On World Water Day, we pay our tributes to water and take oaths to preserve it. but, the current scenario paints a different picture altogether. We are running out of the water and, of course, time.

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Our country lacks a single city that has a 24x7 supply of clean drinking water to its every resident (Biswas et al, 2017). We want to change that “none” to “every city in this country”.
We are constantly in motion to make a difference. Our vision is not to rest until everyone on this planet is water-sufficient. We genuinely believe that serving Mother Nature and people is the biggest privilege anyone can ask for. All our efforts are focused on paving the path for a sustainable life for all. A life that cares for humanity, irrespective of anyone’s social status.

Our Approach

For a country that supports 16% of the world’s population on 4% of total earth’s fresh water, it is quite natural to have water related issues and problems. What’s unnatural here is our lack of concern and participation regarding this global chaos. 780 million people lacking access to an improved water source (globally) cannot be a myth! For every ninth person in this world, water is not a need but privilege.


Mr. Dinesh Goyal

Mr. Dinesh Goyal


Responsible for activities and operations including Institutional Building and Team Leadership, Leading the Marketing Operations Department in driving strong marketing strategies, Administrative Management Control and all financial aspects of the company.

Mr. Jatin Kumar

Mr. Jatin Kumar

M.Tech.(Computer Science)

Responsible for activities and operations, Institutional Building, Team Leadership, Leading the Marketing Operations Department in driving strong marketing strategies, and Administrative Management.

Mr. Sushil Gupta

Mr. Sushil Gupta

Executive Director B.Com (Hons.)

Responsible for the smooth and profitable operation of the human resources department. Supervision to provide consultation, overlook the strategic management on staffing plans, compensation, benefits, training and development.


We are looking for committed individuals to expand our reach. Are you the one who can help us make a difference? Be a part of Pi-Lo community and do your bit for the environment.