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Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Potable water is important for public health & is a matter of concern. Improved water supply & sanitation along with the better management of water resources, can boost the country’s economic growth & may contribute stealthily towards poverty reduction. The wastage and contamination of water is a common issue everywhere. According to the current scenario, the conventional RO system is responsible for the wastage of water followed by various other factors.

Safe drinking water is essential for survival and it should be available to all. The problem of drinking water can be solved by ensuring its quality. The options available in the market are either too expensive or unhygienic. The expensive packaged drinking water causes plastic pollution which cannot be decomposed for years and years and is extremely dangerous for the environment. On the other hand, affordable choices of drinking water available in markets are not meeting the purity constraints to ensure safety and health. So, our R&D team has been doing the extensive research for 3 years to contribute to the society’s welfare and development by offering them the best option of drinking water in a very convenient way i.e. “Pi-Lo”.


Our technology is approved by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (Government of India).


Smart Water ATM for All

  • Our team worked out of their way, devoting days to come up with the sustainable, eco-friendly and highly efficient ideas of smart water ATMs. Pure and safe RO drinking water is served for free at all the ASI sites, hospitals and temples. At DMRC, we serve it at a very nominal amount.
  • Our machines work on the energy accumulated by the solar panel that is mounted on it. We are proud to say that we believe in protecting and preserving the environment. Serving pure and free water is like a cherry on top for us!
  • Where a typical RO system gives 40-60% water recovery on an average, our dispensers have 95% of water recovery! Moreover, we serve it in a totally biodegradable and nature-friendly paper cups (Although, we strongly recommend everyone to carry around our own metal/glass bottles).

Some of the salient features of our units, if summed up, are-

  • UV treatments
  • Fully automatic: This Smart water ATM dispenses pure cold drinking water through a push button/coin or card acceptors. This ensures 100% hygienic water with no human touch to the water throughout the machine operation.
  • TDS, pH & water level sensors
  • GPS & GPRS connectivity
  • Portable solution
  • Environment-friendly- No plastic, Inbuilt dustbin
  • Company trained operators

Pi-Lo solar Dispenser Unit

  • Green energy & insulated water storage: Pi-Lo Smart Water ATM has a solar panel with a battery to operate the machine and save natural resources. It has SS-304 insulated tank of 1000 liters capacity is used to store pure and chilled drinking water an maintain its temperature at the desired level.
  • There is no need to add ice externally for cooling the water.
  • Real-time Display: The Machine has 13.5 inches real-time display to display the water temperature like TDS, pH, temperature level on the machine.
  • Water supply is fulfilled through SS - 304 insulated supply tankers of 4000 lit capacity at night time to avoid traffic in the city and to maintain the regular supply of quality water to all. The organization has its own BIS certified (90+ recovery) large centralized plant.

Pi-Lo RO Unit

  • RO with maximum recovery: The machine as an inbuilt RO and a chiller unit. The efficient technology deployed ensures 95 % plus recovery of water and only 5% or lesser water is wasted.
  • Customized solutions: These machines can be customized according to the site requirements. The factors that are normally considered are the availability of space at a particular location, electrical connection, and raw water supply. This also ensures lesser wastage of resources.
  • Free Wi-Fi & Security features: The free Wi-Fi facility will be provided at the machine location for consumers. Besides this, a camera is installed on the machine for security purpose and to record every activity taking place around the machine.