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Smart water for all

Walking the extra mile to provide safe drinking water to all, our team devoted days and nights to come up with the sustainable, eco-friendly and highly efficient idea of smart water ATMs. With Pi-Lo, pure and safe drinking water is served free at all the ASI sites, hospitals and temples. At DMRC, the water is available at a very nominal price.
Our water ATMs run on the energy accumulated by their top mounted solar panels. Since we believe in protecting and preserving the environment, a solar panel helps us to provide clean energy. Which makes our water ATMs completely eco-friendly and 100% harmless to the environment and people.

Also, where a typical water RO system gives only 40 to 60% water recovery, our dispensers have an astonishing 95% water recovery track record. And the best part is that our safe and pure water is served in completely biodegradable and nature-friendly paper cups. If people carry their own bottles and metal glasses around, we recommend they use them instead of the cups to minimise the wastage.

Here how our units are better:

  • UV treatment
  • Fully automatic: The smart water ATMs dispense pure and cold drinking water through the push button/coin or card. They ensure 100% hygienic water without any human touch to the water throughout the operation
  • TDS, pH and water level sensors
  • GPS & GPRS connectivity
  • Portable solution
  • Environment friendly: No plastic and inbuilt dustbin
  • Well trained operators