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Pi-Lo Changed Ganesh Ram’s Life

Ganesh Ram

Circa 2015, what incepted at Botanical Garden Metro Station as a pilot
project is now touching lives of many people.

We came across Ganesh Ram, a beggar who has been living in that area for 4 years now. This is what we heard from him.

"मैं इधर 4 सालों से इसी इलाके में भटकता हूं और पीने के पानी के नाम पर कुछ मिलता नहीं था, सोने की जगह नहीं है और पहले वाला पानी पी के बीमार भी रहता था। अब 2 सालों से यहीं से पानी पीता हूं, तबियत भी पहले से बेहतर रहती है।"

Somewhere, improving someone’s lifestyle and cordially improved their health. There are many Ganesh Ram out there who might not have the access to safe R.O. drinking water, our vision is to touch lives of every Ganesh Ram in this country.