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Pi-Lo Changed Nayeem’s Life


Fatehpur Sikri Quila

Meet Nayeem, an aborigine of Fatehpur Sikri. Being a true Islam devout, he visits here often for practicing ‘Namaz’. We talked to him about his experience and he overtly stated how lack of water is not exactly that much of a problem in our country.

Real problem lies actually on the quality of drinking water accessible to general public. He said he is a regular Pi-Lo consumer, why? Because the water solutions available there, apart from Pi-Lo is actually an ill-maintained water tap or you have to purchase a 20 rupees bottle, outside the premises.

The impact is simple yet so powerful. People there gets to choose what’s better for them in every possible way. Water served at Fatehpur Sikri is for free and people there encourages our service which we are grateful for.