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Pi-lo Changed Sudheer , Rohan’s Life

Sudheer and Roshan

Govardhan Temple, Mathura

This is by far the most peculiar story we came across in Mathura. There are about 6 Pi-Lo kiosks in Mathura that serves free water at different locations, in temples.
This story is of Govardhan Temple. A band of two 11-12 years old boys Sudheer and Roshan were sighted almost every day, enjoying the sweet taste of R.O. water served for free in the temple.

Out of curiosity we asked them-
“aap log yahin rehte ho?”

The boys started smiling bashfully and replied with a meek and chaste “Nahi”

Team- “To aap log kahan se aate ho?”


Sudhir - “Hum Aanyor me rehte hai, waha paani tanker me aata hai to mai aur Roshan Cycle se roz yaha aate hain kyuki Pani ka taste bohot accha lgta hai aur ye free bhi hai”

We asked civilians and we got to Aanyor is almost 2 kms away! Our machine operators even told us they come here often and sometimes carry bottles and fill them up with water from kiosks.

It moved us to know how Pi-Lo is now getting slowly annealed in the life of these young boys and somewhere, we knew we brought a little bit of change in their lives.