PILO PMTR Technology

PMTR (Portable Magnetized Treatment Reactor)

Portable Magnetized Treatment Reactor (PMTR) is a modern and upgraded technology of treatment of waste water (sewage as well as effluent of any kind including — household, industrial, biochemical and medical) at the source. The technology is based on Membrane with advanced level of Ionization which helps in delivering crystal clear and odorless treated water at outlet which is potable in nature. Every drop of waste water treated under this methodology can be reused for several purposes including horticulture, gardening, cooling towers, boilers, cleaning, flushing and even irrigation.

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PMTR Technology is now well proven and is a ‘technology of choice’ for wastewater treatment and water reuse initiatives. The growing demand for PMTR to treat and reuse wastewater sources is influenced by effects of climate change, increasing water scarcity and pollution. These factors exert pressure to augment our existing water supplies and employ new technologies to safeguard the environment.
PMTR is a Membrane & Ionization based system for Waste Water Treatment. In this system, Membrane Modules are used of SUEZ (GE) make of maximum strength of fibre, but it is desirable that deposits over membrane be avoided as much as possible for consistent flow and longer life of the system

PILO, PMTR , Sewage Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant

Over the last few years, several Waste Water Treatment Recycling Treatment Plants (WWTRP) on PMTR Technology are successfully operating in different industries and usages.

PMTR Technology when used in Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Plant has resulted in 96% Recovery through RO which has proven successful in more than 60 (Sixty) such installations in different industries & usages

The Portable Magnetized Treatment Reactor (PMTR) technology based modular and prefabricated system is flexible enough to treat both Biological and Chemical impurities along with impurities like dirt, grease, oil, diesel, petrol, etc.; Domestic Discharges like discharges from kitchens, laundries, and toilets of normal wards and Medical Discharges like disinfectants, detergents, drug residues, infectious excreta, radio-elements, and other chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents, benzene, hydrocarbons, and colorants, anaesthetics, X-Ray contrast media containing organ halogen compounds (AOX), heavy metals, excessive nutrients and nitrates, pharmaceuticals including antibiotics; Radioactive wastes; Infectious agents from body tissues, blood fluids including bacteria, viruses and parasites. The designed system is automated to allow for ease of operation.

PILO, PMTR, PMTR Technology , Portable Magnetized Treatment Reactor

Advantages of PMTR over Traditional Treatment Methodologies

Water Quality

PMTR technology is designed to odourless crystal-clear water at the outlet which is fit for all purposes. The technology encourages not just the recycling of waste water but also reuse the same resulting in zero discharge of treated water in drains and even replenishing underground water level which is considered superior to traditional and conventional treatment technologies.

with PMTR Technology water Quality Matters. PMTR technology deliver output as much closer to fresh water (not for drinking)

Reduction in Fresh Water Consumption & Water Bills

In comparison to the traditional/conventional technologies, PMTR technology helps in more and more usage of treated water except for drinking and cooking purposes. At the moment, significant amount of fresh water/underground water is used for purposes like gardening, cleaning, washing, cooling towers, flushing, etc. where we can easily make use of treated water thereby reducing the fresh water bills

with the help of PMTR Technology we can save the ground/ fresh water

Reduced Power Load and Electricity Consumption

The system is designed to work at lower power load in comparison to the conventional treatment methods, it can work on less than 45% of standard power load.

Digestor (for specific large capacity plants only)

In special cases for High COD effluent, an Anaerobic Digestor is designed as a part of the plant which generates electricity on the regular plant operations thereby resulting in additional savings by almost 30% on power consumption.

Area required for Plant

Unlike conventional technologies, PMTR is designed on a decentralized model where waste water is treated at the source. It can fit in less than 25% area of a standard conventional treatment plant at park, parking area, basement, near a play area of a residential society, thereby reducing the need of identifying dark areas for setting up the plant.

PMTR technology require less space. PILO PMTR save lots of space

Lower Operations & Maintenance Costs

The system operates on an automatic plug and play operations resulting in atleast 15% savings in standard operations and maintenance costs over conventional treatment methodologies.

Installation & Commissioning Time

Plant based on PMTR technology can be installed in less than 3 months and start operations. The installation record has been achieved and beaten at several installations in the past and has proven to be more efficient and effective.

Development of a Biodiversity Park

Since the model is designed on a decentralized model and there is no foul smell during the entire treatment process unlike traditional treatment methodologies, PMTR based STP/ETP area is developed into a biodiversity park where people can come and spend time with family and friends, enjoy their tea or meals and the beauty of the surroundings.

Sludge Generation

There is virtually no sludge generation as a residue, the entire sludge that is generated which is again very less in comparison is converted into dry manure by passing through an automatic screw press.