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Our vision is really simple. We don't serve water in a water scarce places (yet), we serve it where potable safe drinking water is scarce.

We are constantly in motion to make a difference. All our efforts are focused towards a common goal - making every member of our community safe drinking water sufficient. We genuinely believe that serving Mother Nature and people is the biggest privilege anyone can ask for. We believe that if we strive hard enough, we can pave the path for a sustainable life for all.

A life that cares for humanity, irrespective of anyone’s social status.



Each photo has a story to tell. A look at our work in action.


Barakhambha Road Metro Station, Delhi

Meet Govind,
Who sits near the Barakhamba Metro Station, every day. He has been earning his living there as a cobbler for almost 6 years now.
When we asked him, what’s the most important thing in his life? He simply replied with"जेब में पैसा और साफ़ पानी"

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Ganesh Ram

Botanical Garden Metro Station, Noida

Meet Ganesh Ram,
Circa 2015, what incepted at Botanical Garden Metro Station as a pilot project is now touching the lives of many people.
We came across Ganesh Ram, a beggar who has been living in that area for 4 years now. This is what we heard from him.

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Pragati Maidan Metro Station, Delhi

Meet Vinod,
An autorickshaw driver by profession, who wakes up early in the morning, dropping off different people- school kids, college students, office employees, senior citizens. What’s common there is his pick-up point: Pragati Maidan Metro Station.

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Sudheer and Roshan

Govardhan Temple, Mathura

This is by far the most peculiar story we came across in Mathura. There are about 6 Pi-Lo kiosks in Mathura that serves free water at different locations, in temples.
This story is of Govardhan Temple. A band of two 11-12 years old boys Sudheer and Roshan were sighted almost every day, enjoying the sweet taste of R.O. water served for free in the temple.

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Fatehpur Sikri Quila, Fatehpur Sikri

Meet Nayeem, an aborigine of Fatehpur Sikri. Being a true Islam devout, he visits here often for practising ‘Namaz’. We talked to him about his experience and he overtly stated how lack of water is not exactly that much of a problem in our country.

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Barola Sector 44, Noida

On the night of 29th May 2018, a very unfortunate tragedy of cylinder burst occurred in the Barola area of Noida, sector-44. Heads-up, this area is mostly inhabited by destitute and meagre so it’s not very hard to imagine huts and shacks on fire with many helpless people, now homeless.

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Dinesh Goyal

Dinesh Goyal

Law Graduate

Philanthropy runs in the Goyal Family. Mr. Dinesh Goyal is the beloved son of Shri Gian Chand Goyal, whose whole life has been an epitome of beneficence. It all started with free food distribution in his multiple factories.

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Jatin Kumar

Jatin Kumar

M.Tech, B.E.

Mr. Jatin Kumar always had the knack for humanitarian services. Being a son of a farmer, the life has molded him into a level-headed and down-to-earth man. His down-to-earth and empathic nature...

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Every penny invested in clean water
can yield 4–12 times more in economic

For sparking economic growth, investing on clean drinking water is single-handedly the most powerful tool. Upliftment in drinking water standards is directly proportional to the upliftment in living standards, because healthier you are, more productive working hours you get.